The University

When you think in University, you think in a second home and this is because you almost live there. UNAM is know as The Maximum Studies’ House and it’s not only for its high knowledge level, it’s called by this way because students can feel comfortable and happy to be here too. When you study at UNAM, you feel special because UNAM provides you of amny opportunities to succeed and be better thougout all your major. If you feel in the same way with your own University, you can considered lucky yourself but if this is not your case, well, you should start to searching for a new one. 😉

– Alan J.

UNAM, my life =D!

The UNAM is my life for many reasons. In this wonderful place I have learned many things and not only in the classes, because I’ve established strong bonds of friendship. My faculty has given me what is required to be a better person everyday, because I have met great teachers, from whom I have received great advices. To be here is the best experience that I ever had; I enjoy the activities in the UNAM, like sports, culture, music, etc.

The UNAM is more than school, its my inspiration, its the best place, its my home!!


Erick Hernández.

My second home =)

What does the UNAM means to me? The answer is simple, it is my home because is the place where I have been for 4 years. It gives me knowlegde, culture, opportunities, friends, another family. It is the place where I can go and feel that everything is alright, even when I have to do a lot of homework. I just feel so lucky to being here and I wish I could stay here for a long time to enjoy everything it gives me.


UNAM and I

Since I have conscious, my father always spoke about the UNAM, because he was and till now, he’s UNAM´s son. For that reason, I always wanted to come and study here. When I started the university, and so far, I´ve never disappointed for anything, except for don´t take advantage of the cultural spaces as I should.
I appreciate the opportunity to be part of this amazing university, and for enjoy the classes with beautiful views in the afternoon, and have the world across the window.
You shouldn’t forget other aspects that UNAM give us, like the opportunity to be a representative of your own faculty in several international competitions, with the knowledge as a gift, that I´m sure is a priviledge that not others schools has.
I´m happy to be here, and I can´t wait to finish my major, and explore the world with the experience adquired here.


Always UNAM!

UNAM has been the first source of critic in our country. Their academics, researchers and students always put attention in social problematics and have been trying to make solutions and suggest programs to make Mexico a better place with science and culture. Based on good education and human values, community UNAM are awareness of the necessity of new ways to work and treat economical, political and social issues. Unfortunately, government don’t give them enough resources to explote it potential or support other universities to increase the educational and technological level of the country. UNAM will continue to work hard and build a good society of students  with the vision that have been imparting for 104 years.