“Conditional Rap” Example. Using “Real” Conditionals

(Verse 1)
Chocolate melts when you put it in the sun,
When it´s valentine´s day, I prefer only one.
If I have extra time, I do exercise,
If I am not dumb, then I am wise.
If I don´t eat breakfast, I´m running late.
I like to look nice when I go on a date,
When things are easy, I don´t really have to think,
And if I have time, I´ll go for a drink,
As long as you love me, I am the happiest girl in the world,
If it´s humid outside, then my hair´s curled.
Should there be a problem, just give me a call,
If i´m not there, I went to play ball.
(Repeat Verse 1)

Part II
(Verse 2)
If I go to a party tonight, I´ll have a lot of fun,
If I don´t go to the party, I will sit on my bun!
If I sleep early tonight, I will dream of fate,
If I wake up early, I will have my coffee straight.
If I am away on vacation, please will you let me boss know?
I will feel happy, if I get a good grade.
I will be upset if I don´t get laid.
I will understand if on Saturday you don´t have time to meet,
If I don´t wash my socks, I´ll have smelly feet.

(Repeat Verse 2)

– Rapper Allison on the mic


One response to ““Conditional Rap” Example. Using “Real” Conditionals

  1. Hi, I’ll leave my conditional rap here:

    Chocolate melts when I keep it in my pocket
    that’s why I should better leave it in the closet.
    If I have extra time, I go to the lake,
    but if I don’t have it I just act a headache.
    If I don’t eat breakfast, I feel so weak,
    that’s why every morning I drink a glass of milk.
    When things are easy, you have time to rest,
    but when they aren’t you can prove that you’re the best.
    As long as you love me, life has sense to me,
    but if anytime you stop it, life won’t cooler be.
    Should there be a problem, I stay here with you,
    If isn’t any problem, I stay with you too.

    If I go to a party tonight, I will dance as a crazy,
    If I don’t, I’ll lie down in the couch and sleep as a lazy.
    If I sleep early tonight I will dream with angels,
    but if I sleep late, I will dream with some bagels.
    If I’m away on vacation, I will enjoy everyday,
    but if I stay in home, I will go to the bay.
    I will feel happy if I find my pet,
    he feels lonely and for sure he needs a vet.
    I will understand if you say that you forgot,
    but I won’t do it if the present isn’t what I thought.

    Me gusta


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