Tedx Cuahutémoc **last days!**

Hey guys I want to invite you to Tedx Cuauhtémoc

A TED event organized independently. The info is below (:

*In case you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, please go here or watch this.




We are going to have these eleven amazing speakers ! 😀 and It’s all FREE!! 


The inscriptions are closing tomorrow ! So hurry up ! 

Regards dudes and dudettes!  (: 

More info:

Tedx Cuauhtemoc Facebook Page






For you more visual gals and gents, sentence-diagramming is a fading art which brings a visual and geometric aspect to grammar.  Would any of you like to learn how to diagram sentences?  Do you think it would be a useful skill?  


The Power of One…

Hello everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend, and are ready to grammar it up this week in English Class!

As you all may slowly be starting to find out, I’m quite obsessed with literature, writing, and anything that has to do with the manipulation of either.  I saw this Buzzfeed post, and found it astounding how much power one single sentence can hold.  This is a list of hard-to-believe facts that are summed up in just one single sentence.  It just goes to show, never underestimate the power of one!



Brain Trainer

Hi guys! I want to share this app with you, maybe some of you know, but if not, I have something to improve your English.

Elevate is an application that claims to be “a personal trainer for your brain”. This app use little games that require a fast reaction from you, so you can improve some basic skills like writing, talk, read, math, etc.

This is not an app for learning english but for improve basic skills, however I really recommended you to improve your english.

Miguel Francisco Reyes Juárez.



The Story of Human Rights.

Everybody have Human rights, but not everybody have access to human rights,  the must of all students is disseminate the importance of the human rights, because in times of authority, of militarism, the people have a powerful weapon: the Human Rights. 

Manu B)