Manatee vs. Man

p01kzgxjThe Florida Manatee and It’s Fight Against Man

Read and look at pictures of this amazing sea creature that lives in the Florida area. What do you predict could be it’s future?



Impossible beauty.

One of the funniest shows on television is the “Colbert Report”. Steven Colbert is a comedian whose shows focuses on satirising current events/issues.  In this clip, from March of this year, otherwise known as Women’s History Month, Colbert makes fun of the thigh-gap craze which had most women losing weight in order to achieve this impossible beauty standard.  However, beauty standards aren’t just for women.  There are also many impossible beauty standards imposed on men, so I wanted to know the following: Boys:  As I said, beauty standards aren’t just a thing for women.  Men also have them, so can you think of any examples? Girls:  I wanted to know what you think of the thigh-gap craze?  Have you ever felt pressured to look a certain way? Everyone:  Do you ever find yourself doing something so crazy in order to achieve a ridiculous beauty standard? -Noé–happy-birthday–copyright

Which bathroom do I use?

In the United States, there is much debate about what rights should be given to transgender people.  In case you don’t know what transgender means, it is someone who identifies as the gender opposite of the anatomical sex they were assigned at birth.  For example, someone born anatomically a man identifies more with being a woman.  In this article, it is described how the University of California will begin designating gender-neutral bathrooms to accommodate transgender students.

I wanted to know:  What do you think about this?  Do you think this is a step in the right direction regarding rights for transgender people, or is it just isolating them further?



UNAM is the home of the opportunities. At the moment in which you are inside you have a lot of scholar, personal, professional, and cultural possibilities. In all the faculties you can find different programs and projects, all of them are designed to “open doors” in your life.

The university gives us scholarships, to pay our materials, books, food, etc; scholarships to study languages outside of the university, and also to study abroad one semester, year or all the mastery.

You can take language classes, practice sports, make cultural activities, develop your scholar skills, discuss current issues… In few words, you can make everything that you want, of course only if you have enough time.

The University

When you think in University, you think in a second home and this is because you almost live there. UNAM is know as The Maximum Studies’ House and it’s not only for its high knowledge level, it’s called by this way because students can feel comfortable and happy to be here too. When you study at UNAM, you feel special because UNAM provides you of amny opportunities to succeed and be better thougout all your major. If you feel in the same way with your own University, you can considered lucky yourself but if this is not your case, well, you should start to searching for a new one. 😉

– Alan J.